So having a baby with Ryan Reynolds has pros & cons

The majority of the world's population (both male and female) have probably fantasised about being married to Ryan Reynolds at one point or another. 

Well, the Deadpool star decided to give the world a bit of insight on what that's like when he appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers. It seems Blake Lively is a very lucky lady but also a saint at times.

Myers is about to become a father himself for the first time soon and sought advice from Reynolds about fatherhood. They broached on the experience of being in the delivery room for the birth and it seems Reynold's had a unique way of helping Lively get through the ordeal.

Yeah, it's safe to say the delivery room might not be the best setting for the Marvin Gaye classic. Though it seems Reynolds more and redeems himself with how he handles the late night crying and the nappy changing.


"A human being will exit your wife. She's done enough."


Via Mashable

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