This is how all dad/daughter boyfriend discussions should go

Forget going down to the shops to buy sanitary towels, or giving Debs dress advice, it's the boyfriend conversation that dads dread the most.

Most men would expect to be able to put it off until their precious little girls have hit double digits at the very least, but that sure wasn't the case for Scottish pops John Tierney who was 'forced' to lay down some ground rules with his four-year-old daughter Grace after he caught her waving at some boys who passed them in the car.

Prepare for the lols.


While we seriously doubt that John will be this tyrannical about his daughter's dating life becomes a reality years from now, it looks like Grace will be more than a match for him regardless.

And this brings us to today's hot topic: did your dad scare boyfriends away? Or was your mum the one prospective partners had to impress? Would you date someone if they didn't pass the Dad Test?

Via Metro

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