Niall Horan Doing 12 Pubs in Mullingar this Christmas

The pubs of Mullingar may just find themselves filled to the brim with Directioners this festive season, that is of course if there even are One Direction fans over the age of 18 (are there?!), as Niall Horan has pretty much told the world he will be doing 12 Pubs there this Christmas.

When interviewed by E Online, Niall was asked his Yuletide plans and did he have any Christmas traditions, he replied; "We're just looking forward to heading home. I personally haven't been home in awhile and that's going to be good to see the family and eat like crazy.

"At home, we do this thing called 12 pubs of Christmas. You've got five minutes to finish a pint and you're done."

Five minutes?! They must be a militant bunch there in Mullingar.


Watch below;

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