Clooney is after Cumberbatch's Photobomb King Crown

Oh George, you joker you. Really now, if the word had any sense in it he'd have played that role and not Batman in a Batman movie at some point. But anyway, back to the here and now.

George Clooney was up to his old tricks again this week as he interrupted a romantic selfie between Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber while the trio, plus Amal and others, celebrate George and Amal's anniversary (that year went by quick) in Ibiza. It ain't all fun though, as Clooney, Gerber and their business partner were also in Ibiza to launch their own Tequila brand.

Yes, George Clooney is shilling tequila now. The name is 'Casamigos', and that's why all the posts like the one below come with captions including #HouseOfFriends. Clearly far too much sampling of the product was done when they were coming up with the name.


Amal and George meanwhile celebrated their anniversary at the tequila brand's launch at the Ushuaia Hotel on Sunday, getting very up close and personal "packing on the PDA" as other outlets are reporting. Or, you know, just being relative newlyweds having  good time.

At least we know his sense of humour is still alive and kicking. Benedict Cumberbatch should watch his back, Clooney is coming for his photobombing crown.

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