Ronda Rousey contemplated suicide following UFC defeat

Ronda Rousey has revealed that she contemplated suicide following her defeat to fellow UFC star Holly Holm

The MMA star and actress appeared on Ellen in what was her first talk show appearance since the fight back in November and opened up about what exactly was going through her head immediately after the fight. It's a truly powerful and candid interview from the former Women's Bantamweight Champion.

While moments of despair are to be expected from any athlete following a massive defeat it certainly is shocking to hear that these were the thoughts running through Rousey's head immediately following the fight. It's a relief to see that she was able to remove those thoughts relatively quickly and concentrate on what was really important to her.


It just goes to show that no matter how much bravado these athletes show in the public eye in the build up to these fights, even the bravest and most mentally strong of them can suffer severe moments of self-doubt. At the end of the day, these athletes are just people. Exceptional people but people nonetheless.

It's quite brave of Rousey to open up like this on television and as Ellen says in the video hopefully others can take heart from her experience and see that they're not alone.

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