Watch: Steph breaks down on phonecall in CBB house

It's eviction night on Celebrity Big Brother, with Tiffany, Jeremy and Stephanie all nominated to leave the house. Before that though, the housemates have been given the opportunity to receive phone calls from friends and family as part of a task, and it's been getting very emotional altogether.

Stephanie, who has been causing controversy with her Big Brother affair with Irish housemate Jeremy, got a phone call today and for a heart-stopping moment it looked like it could be Sam Reece, who she publicly dumped this week. Although little does she know he had actually cut ties with her long before that.

Turns out, it was Stephanie's dad and the former Hollyoaks star broke down in tears when she heard his voice. It would actually bring a tear to your eye.... Chrissssshht, we really are way too invested in this year's Celeb housemates.


Catch the Celebrity Big Brother Live Eviction tonight on TV3 at 9.00pm.

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