!! We Saw Paris Hilton !!

Well, sort of - we saw her car, which is nearly as good. We were sitting in the Bailey this afternoon enjoying a coffee, when there was a sudden commotion outside - a large merc was sailing up the street, flanked by Gardai and trailed by a large, highly excited gaggle of people. We were initially mystified, until Aphrodite realised "OH MY GOD!! It's Paris Hilton!".


So frantically gathering coats and bags and sundry other bits and bobs we scurried to BTs, only to be told when we arrived that La Hilton was actually making her appearance in BT2! Foiled! Even though it was only up the street the thought of braving the Saturday afternoon Grafton Street crowds was just too much, so we stayed where we were and had a good sniff of all Jo Malone's perfumes instead.

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