So we've learned that Cheryl and Liam dress up for Tesco

And Liam's only gone and used a photo of them reclining together as his Instagram profile pic... you can't get more "official" than that, hah?

So everyone was talking about the pic of them shopping in Tesco, on a Saturday night. We always knew 32-year-old Cheryl wore heels shopping.

Dear God, the state of us when we go shopping.

A source speaking via The Daily Star said: "This is a clear sign that Cheryl and Liam are ready to go public with their relationship. The fact they are willing to step out in the local supermarket proves they are not worried about being seen together."


According to The Mirror they have been dating on the sly for about three months, and reportedly fell for each other at X-Factor finale back in December. Such is the 22-year-old's love for Cheryl, he only went and got a matching rose tattoo - sadly not on his arse.

Cheryl recently separated from her second husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. We're sure he's thrilled.

But importantly, are you Team Tesco Heels or Team Tesco Trackies?

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