What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not if you're Prince Harry

Ah the poor fecker.  Not only can he not protect the modesty of a naked girl from the prying eyes of a photographer (while being naked himself which kind of tore the arse out of that excuse), but this story looks like it will run and run.

But sure his da Prince Charles got over the whole Tampon-gate (where he wished he could be one of Camilla's tampons so he could be inside her during no baby time- ugh oooooh), so it'll all be grand.

Harry's a jack the lad and he looks like he'd be a hell of a lot of fun to go on the razz with. You only have to look at the laugh himself and Kate have at every death as dull dishwater royal engagement to see that he's saving her from dying of boredom.

The whole story of the flashing of the crown jewels has reached the utmost heights of ridiculousness - you can even play a game now to save Harry.  To do so you must evade photographers, naked women and other obstacles to reach safety and a pair of underpants.


So you know I kind of wondered what the rest of you were thinking about those grainy naked photos so I asked Jennifer McShane to give us a few thoughts on this urgent and most serious matter.

After the entire backlash from his Vegas Partaying antics had cooled down, the royal heir made his first public appearance at the WellChild Awards across the pond. Things were going swimmingly (no pun intended), until a cheeky lad of about six told him he was glad “that he got his clothes on.” Could ya beat that?

Harry, to be fair, took the whole morto situation like a trooper because let's face it what better way to break the ice, as *someone * would've brought it up to his face sooner or later.

Thinking back about the whole Vegas scandal, again, I can't help but feel sorry for the bloke. Alright yes, it didn’t look too good - but it was downright hilarious. The media seemed to have forgotten that, royal blood and heir to the English throne aside, the guy is young and was just out to have some innocent fun. He clearly wasn't aware the photos were being snapped at the time and God knows he'll be straight back to Afghanistan where there won't be any fun. At all.


So what did you think of the whole debacle? Far too much fuss or was the criticism well deserved?

images via TMZ, The Sun.co.uk

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