What Katy Perry did next: channel Amy Winehouse. Virtually unrecognisable on cover of Interview

katy perry interview mag

"I'm gonna wash that man right out of my... backcombed Amy Winehouse-inspired hair."

In fact, thought Katy (or more probably Katy's stylist, team of hair and makeup artists and photographers), I'm going to channel everything about La Winehouse.  Her eyeliner, her pose, her teased updo and most importantly her attitude.

But I'm going to sex it up for Hollywood.  So let's get a bit of Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox in there ok?

No one will know it's even me, so you better emblazon my name across my chest on the cover.


Take that Smurfette!

And Russell ...

Singer Amy Winehouse is the Rolling Stone cover star

Pic credits: rollingstone.com; stylefrizz.com

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