When Kate Met Beyoncé

It's all a bit blinkandyou'llmissit, but just imagine the amount of security involved in this totally impromptu meet and greet at a basketball game last night. Yep, pregnant Kate had to sit through one of Jay Z's many basketball games. And she was of course pitch side so the likelihood of her being able to slope off for the multiple toilet breaks required was nil.

I could be wrong, but Beyonce looks like she's exchanging pleasantries with her accountant, but just begin to imagine the amount of do's and don'ts that were potentially run past her prior to the hook up. Either she's petrified or just totally over it. As for Wills and Jay Z, the below pic speaks for itself. One was very happy to be meeting Royalty.

And kudos on the intricate handshaking four way, that could've been very awks.


As for what Kate Middleton was wearing - because that always seems to worm its way into proceedings - she donned a tweed Tory Burch coat ($595), black skinny jeans, and black pumps.

And you can check out our gallery of Kate & Wills on tour here if you are so inclined!

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