WHOAAAAA WHOAAA she's gone viral. Christina Aguilera is happy to be a fat girl now?

The woman with one of the biggest set of lungs in music and a tendency to make every song ten minutes longer than it actually should be, has said "no more" to speculation about her weight.   In an interview with Billboard magazine Xtina said that she's fed up to the back teeth with detractors from the record industry calling her fat.

"You're dealing with a fat girl now" she said "Get over it" adding that she was sick of being toothpick thin.  When her record producers called an emergency meeting to tell her to lose her extra 15lbs as quickly as possible as it was affecting record sales she basically told them where to go.

Every single news outlet picked up the story and ran to the ends of the earth with it. It appeared on websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook until it was eventually revealed as a hoax.

"Christina never said those things" said her spokesperson.  And if anyone had actually READ the Billboard article they'd see that in fact no she didn't.

It was a spoof Tumblr site that just made the whole thing up.


Loads of red faces and LOTS of retractions have appeared - which just show how crazy we are for celeb news that any old crap can be published without any fact checking whatsoever.

Does this kind of thing surprise us? Or is is just more over excitable viral networking?


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