Who'da Thought This City Would Be Home to The Most Cheaters?

Dating website Ashley Madison was hacked yesterday revealing that unassuming old Canada would be home to the most adulterous city in the world.

What the Canucks lack in terms of widespread gun ownership, inordinate crime rates, and inflated unemployment rates they more than make up for when it comes to people willing to have an online affair, or at least the residents of Ottawa do.

Yes, Ottawa is home to a population of 883,000 people. According to the numbers from the Ashley Madison hack some 189,810 of them are using the website, leaving the city at number one on the list of philanderers based on the sites most recent figures.

Ashley Madison is a dating website for those looking for an extramarital relationship. Until yesterday the site had been known, or unknown as the case may be, for the discreet nature in which it deals with its clients. Unfortunately for the company, as well as some of its users, a hack led to threat of having 37 million of its customer's information divulged.

While the sites parent company, Avid Life Media, have assured its users that the site has now been secured, and the police are looking in to the origin of the hack, we can't imagine too many people logging straight back in for a while...

Let's tweet it at EXACTLY the same time.


Obviously the Ottawa figures make for a surprising read, but in the context of the Irish numbers, we should probably take it with a pinch of salt. The hack revealed that close to 115,000 of the site's 38 million members came from Ireland, which we found tough to believe.

Maybe we're just viewing our own nation with some level of delusion, possibly because we hadn't even heard of the site until last night, but there are a few things to think about before jumping to conclusions.

Firstly, we're not sure if these numbers are even accurate as they've been leaked by a source which has committed a crime, hardly the fountain of facts at which you should glean truthful information.

Secondly, even if these numbers are true, they could be tainted by the fact that many of the users may actually be single. And finally, as with almost every dating, or even general social media site, there's always room for a classic catfish.

Where people are lonely, bored, or looking for something new and exciting, there will more than likely be someone out there looking to take advantage of the situation.


What do you think? Are we naive? Is there more messing around in funeral parlours and the like going on than we thought?

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