Why Did Harry Styles Scribble on a Fan's Poster?

Why, it's because he's a grammar man!

See, this is just another reason why Harry is our favourite one. We'd love to have such an attractive grammar soldier in our lives. We'd even get things wrong on purpose, 'n stuff.

The Directioner took the time to correct the grammar on a fan's sign during a recent gig. Said sign read: "HI HARRY! YOUR SO NICE". He asked for the sign to be directed towards the stage, where he whipped out his sharpie to change it to "HI HARRY! YOU'RE SO NICE." Well, he had to entertain himself while Niall Horan rambled on in the background...


He then dutifully sent the sign back to its owner, Taelor (yes, Taelor) Ford, resulting in the below tweet...

Ever had the misfortune of a public grammar faux pas?

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