Will the real Jennifer Aniston please stand up: Allure Magazine what were you thinking

The weird looking Jennifer yoke in Allure



Wonky fringe!

Not looking anything like herself!


Good grief.

What on earth did they do to Jen? Her nose is broader, her lips are way wider and she's pouting horribly. The worst travesty is her hair. Jen would never knowingly have hair this bad

Jennifer Aniston presents a very odd appearance in the February issue of Allure in the US. She's looking more like Beyonce here than she's looking like herself. Did someone go mad with Photoshop? Did Jen stick a lump of plasticine on her nose pre shoot? Did she go for a very dark spray tan thus turning herself the colour of a mahogany wardrobe?

Or all of the above.

Why? WHY?


Jennifer as her naturally beautiful self

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