You'll Never Guess Who's Favourite to be Evicted from Big Brother

Anybody watching Big Brother this year? Don't lie, you're in a safe place, nobody can see you are reading this, just all those people behind you pointing and laughing.

It's okay though, we're watching too, if only to feel better about our own lives and be thankful we don't have to live with that house full of egos. Okay, they're not all bad, but funnily enough, this year it's our Irish representative that is causing the most drama, and as you probably have guessed (apologies for sarcastic headline) she is indeed favourite to be sent packing this Friday.

Dublin girl Jade is up for eviction with what seems like pretty much half the house, as Nick, Aaron, Eileen, Cristian and Joel are also up for public vote.

Jade is undoubtedly favourite to go as she seems to be making enemies at every turn, what with everything being 'just my opinion'. She caused the whole house to be sanctioned at the weekend when she was caught talking about nominations with Nick, and has made firm enemies with the twins and Eileen.

Dammit though, she is making things a bit interesting in there, and well Big Brother knows it, as she is getting a hell of a lot of screen time.


Although we cannot abide that insane baby voice that she does, it's as equally disturbing as it is annoying, and it is pretty damn annoying.

As it stands at the moment, Jade is favourite to go, with Aaron behind her, followed then by Eileen, while currently it's looking like Nick is favourite to win at 7/2.

There has been rumours that there might be a surprise double eviction this week however, or that they may pull a fake eviction and put two of the housemates in a different house. Either of these could easily happen as we're sure Big Brother does not want to get rid of ratings winner Jade any time soon, as much as everyone else does.

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