These old-fashioned flat shoes are back in style and suitable for work AND play

If it hints at nostalgia, is in right now and is comfortable, we want it. And these old-fashioned flat shoes are ticking the boxes

First straight leg jeans, now this? Was the fashion memo for 2018 early '90s mom? Because that's what it feels like. I'm not complaining; moms in the '90s dressed for comfort, and that's exactly what we'll be doing this year. Hurrah!

Loafers have been acceptable footwear for some time now, in various forms. Backless, patent and furry, they've been keeping our soles happy for the last two years. This year, 'suede' is in - or 'suedette' in New Look's case. It's the slightly moccasin style of loafer that almost feels like a slipper. And for that reason, we'll take five.

river island shoe

River Island red faux suede tassel loafers €30


They go with jeans; they go with work pants. They don't really go with skirts - that's going a bit too Marcy from Married With Children. But you can skip around all day in them, safe in the knowledge that your feet are being cared for and you're on trend at the same time. Just don't jump in any puddles.

New Look €22.99

Cover Photo by Mariona Campmany on Unsplash

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