Zara is selling the trendiest shoes for €20 - with a changeable weather twist

In case you hadn't heard, the shoe of 2017 is the loafer.

We've seen it coming for a while; Gucci teased us with this hideous version last year (that we quite like now, as is the nature of fashion), and celebrity upon celebrity has been slipping into the pair to a) convince us they're cool again and b) give their bunioned feet a rest.

As is usually the case, once a trend reaches the high street, it's been diluted somewhat and made accessible to regular human beings so that we can wear them to work without looking notion-y.  (Disclaimer: I would totally wear the original, designer versions of trends before they become trends if I could afford to buy them directly off the catwalk. Notions shmotions.)

You can always count on Zara to bring the runway to the laneway. Sure, it may have been sued in the past for producing clothes that are a little too close to the originals ... but whatevs, says Zara founder and world's richest man, Amancio Ortega, let the general public have their cake and eat it! How generous.


The Zara loafers are new in stores this month and cost a seriously good-valued €19.95.

They tick the trend and comfort boxes and come in two shades, which is good because choice. My favourite thing about them is the material. The rain will just roll off that patent sheen (that's the twist). Actually, my favourite thing about them is the price. I'll take two!

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