The "hot convict" just went and walked the runway at NYFW

A few years ago the internet went all gooey eyed for a mug shot picture of a really, really ridiculously good looking criminal. This dude had cheekbones you could cut cheese with and eyes that could look into your soul.

Yes, he was a crook, but shurlookit, which one of us is perfect? (Did we mention his eyes?)

Anyways, his name was Jeremy Meeks and he ended up being sentenced to two years in prison for gun possession. He was released last March and has since took up the internet's advice and gone on to become the model we all thought he should be, and a pretty successful one too, given that he's recently shown up at the New York Fashion Week looking like he was born to be there.



Meeks was walking the runway for designer Philip Plein at the New York Public Library where the likes of Madonna, Kylie Jenner, and Tyga were all in attendance.

Here are some more shots of our new favourite criminal-turned-model....

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