The Foulest Garment EVER Or Quite Nice? Leather, Pleather Sweatpants, Joggers, Trackends

What is happening to the world?  We're split, we're divided.  And the issue causing such argument is leather trackie bottoms.

The first camp argues that although they're a total trend item they'll have staying power. Fans say they are comfortable, warm and versatile, a piece you can wear to work or to relax in or out for drinks. With their slouchy relaxed fit they can be dressed up with heels or down with runners

Those who hate them  say - Christ on a bike people.  These are ridiculous, the foulest garment yet and possibly give you the biggest indication of how well you could look in a bin bag.  And also think of how lovely you could smell after a night out raving it up.  Plus have you actually seen what you look like from behind?

Kanye West claims he ‘invented’ them (well that just speaks volumes doesn't it) and took the idea to Fendi years ago but they rejected it.  How and ever,  recently they have appeared not only on the Fendi runways, but also Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant and Michael Kors.


And the garment has been sported by Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Kanye and Kim Kardshian of course,  and many other fashionistas.  All people who have displayed very questionable taste in the past.

Gentlepeople of the jury we need to know your vote.  Are you Camp One or Camp Two?  Have you got a pair already or are you tempted to do so?

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