Rate it: best hairdressers 2012

I write these words with trepidation, my fingers trembling on the keys.

Well not really but it's just the last time we had a Rate it about hairdressers all hell broke loose. Every hairdresser in Ireland spammed us and blatantly rated themselves - and while they were at it viciously slagged off the competition.

And hell hath no fury like a hairdresser scorned I promise you.

Beaut.ie is a website for consumers - it is you the people who actually GO to hairdressers that we want to participate in Rate Its.  We're not a forum for Crazy Cutz of Terminfeckin to slag off Scissor Happy of Terminfeckin and say terrible things about each other in a war of made up hairdressing atrocities.

We had to spend so much time moderating and cleaning up the comments (many of them were a libel action waiting to happen) that sadly the comments were closed and we never ever had a rate it on hairdressing again - even though we were asked for it many times and the last one happened in 2007.

Because one of the things people need and love is a good recommendation for  a hairdressers.  So use this Rate It as an opportunity to tell people about really good hairdressers you've been too.  (Leave out your bad experiences, don't tell us about them in this post  - it's just for recommendations).

So the comments on this post are only open to regular commenters of Beaut.ie.  We're sorry, we've never had to do this before but hopefully you understand why.

So enough of my bla - over to you.  Rate those great hairdressers you go to and give us all some recs!

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