2009 Hair Trends

hair trends 2009

You've got the makeup right and you're working on the clothes. Now you just need to pay attention to your crowning glory. I predict that 2009 will contain as many bad hair days as any other year - but lets get the year off to a good start by making sure that our hair is in fashion. Of course feel free to ignore all these trends and keep the hair the way it (cough) actually suits you.

  • Pixie crop
    Girls with short hair - this is one for you. We're talking super short here. Think Posh's new hairdo or Pixie Geldof. You've got to be really confident to pull this one off - you've got no hair to hide behind. So make sure you're 100% happy with this idea before you stride confidently into the hair salon and declare "Chop the lot off!" to the stylist. It'll be too late to be sobbing when you see your locks being swept up by the shampoo girl and you feel half bald.
  • Bob
    The bob ain't going anywhere. Just as well really, because what on earth would we do with our hair while we're growing out our Pixie? The Pob is gone though thank God, so this years style will be more eh, bob-y. Confusingly though there are loads of bob styles to chose from. You can go for a short, short choppy geometric bob (like Agyness Deyn) or looser, easier to wear bob. Anything you like so. The fringed bob won't be where it's at for the moment though. Unless you're going for a cutting edge do.
    Right, I won't confuse us any more. Get any bob you want. You'll be in fashion and you'll be fine.
  • Mid length and long hair
    Keep it loose and flowing. GHD straight hair has fallen out of favour - but if you love to straighten your hair tousle it up a bit afterwards so it looks more relaxed. Long layers.
  • Forties style dos are where it's at for night time glamour. Goodie - these are gorgeous!
  • Blondes have more fun
    Yep, if you've ever fancied making like Monroe or Stefani this is the time to do it. Platinum blonde locks will be bang on trend. Don't think of the root upkeep - reach for the bleach.
  • Redheads have more fun
    Vibrant red is in again. But don't worry everyone else cos so is deep chestnut, multi tonal blondes and browns and... oh it looks like all the colours are in. Again. So that's fine so.
  • Mermaid plaits
    This one follows the Heidi model - or Little House on the Prairie. Plait the front of your hair and wrap it around your head a la Sienna Miller. Possibly best for students and free spirits.
  • Big hair
    You can blame Cheryl Cole for putting this trend front and centre. Big bouffant hair with loads of volume and length will be so 2009. But will we be able to replicate it without teams of hairdressers and miles of extensions? Well, we can have a damn good try. Cans of hairspray at the ready!

Now I'll be giving you the lowdown on how to create all these looks - and which celebs are wearing them well. But in the meantime tell us - which styles do you think you'll be trying on for size?

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