3 Products to Keep Coloured Hair in Tip Top Condition

With this morning's news that Blake has gone bronde, I'm thinking that Ms Lively is on to something. Blonde hair possibly requires more care than sweet baby James and it's a never ending search to find the products that can help to keep you on the right side of the dreaded Candy Floss Head. Or worse, the Brassy Barnet (these both sound like characters from a children's book about large headed, hairy villains who are members of the Malevolent Mop Mob).

Here are three products that I am currently using to keep my blonde clean, clear and soft.

  • Pureology Colour Fanatic (€21.50 for 200ml)


I love my Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum products so when this little fella appeared on shelves earlier in the year, I was eager to try it out.

It's designed for coloured hair that requires an extra dollop of TLC (mine needs more intensive care to be honest). The Colour Fanatic is packed full of good-for-gruaig things like camellia, coconut oil and olive oil, but it is still light enough to not weigh the hair down.

It primes, protects and perfects which really means that it prevents your head being pulled off you by the brush - it detangles and conditions, prevents breakages and smoothes the hair surface. And it promises to deliver some serious colour protection to help colour last.

Take it from someone who looks like a human brillo pad when they get out of the shower, a few sprays will allow your brush to just glide through the hair and leaves it feeling super soft.

  • l'Oréal Paris Vitamino Colour A:OX Soft Cleanser (€13.99 for 150ml)

Vita AOX Soft Cleanser 150ml



I wasn't sure about this one when it landed on my desk. It's a cleanser but not a shampoo? Should I use it on my face? Does my hair have a face? But I've come to love it's kooky ways.

This sulfate free formula is quite thick but transforms into a mousse to gently cleanse the hair. You won't have a big head of bubbles, this gives a light lather that won't strip the colour that you paid someone an extortionate amount of money to put in your hair.

If you're sporting copper, red or a bright colour, this one is worth checking out.

  • l'Oréal Paris Vitamino A:OX CC Cream Blondes (€14.99 for 150ml)

Vita AOX CC Blondes 150mlI didn't want to like this product. It's name is ridiculous. Too many random letters combined with CC Cream made me point and laugh at it, pull its pigtails and call it names. Well, more fool me.

So let's just put the ridiculous name to one side and concentrate on what it actually does. It's made for blondes and its deep violet pigment is designed to get rid of those brassy yellow tones that can make you look more Bet Lynch than Cameron Diaz (though they both share a love of leopard print).

The texture surprised me but I'd come to expect oddness from this fella at this point - it's a half gel/half cream that I used instead of my usual conditioner and left for as long as possible before rinsing off (they recommend leaving in for five to ten minutes but ain't nobody got time for that in the morning).

One warning here - it left my shower looking like I had just gutted a squid and black/violet ink had splattered all over the shower. If Hitchcock had been a blonde-haired Connemara fisherman, 'Psycho' would have been a completely different kettle of fish squid.

And there are plans to launch a CC Cream for brunettes later in the year. Yes, I'm aware how annoying that sounds but if it works, I'll forgive it's woeful waffle.

Are you the proud owner of coloured hair? What products do you recommend to keep it on tip top condition? And who will be first to make an EE Cream for the nostrils?



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