3 simple ways to store and protect your makeup brushes

Look after your makeup brushes and they'll last a lifetime. So to help, here are three simple ways to store and protect your beloved brushes.

Our makeup brushes are as personal to us as the makeup we wear. They come in all shapes, sizes and price brackets - but we all have our own favourites. Whether that be a luxury foundation brush, a brilliant €5 eyeliner brush you found in an art shop or a limited edition, one-off lip brush you picked up on holiday.

Quality, performance and durability are the most important traits to look for in good makeup brushes. But once you've found them, the next step is looking after them. Aside from keeping your brushes clean and fresh, storage is the most important part of protecting them.

There's nothing sadder than seeing a mangled old brush come out of someone's bag all twisted hairs and smooshed fibres. So to avoid that, here are our three easy storage solutions so your makeup brushes can stay safely stored and protected.


  • Tupperware Box

Admittedly this isn't the most glamorous option. But it works a treat. Yep, a good, old fashioned Tupperware box like this one from Heatons (€2.40) is a brilliant way to keep makeup brushes protected. As it's lightweight, it's ideal for travelling too.


  • Makeup Brush Holder

Ah, Penneys, what would we do without you? There are plenty of these types of brush holders available nowadays, but these ones from Penneys (€4 - 6) are the most affordable we've found.


  • Brush Pouch

Designed with pro make-up artists in mind, these pouches by Make Up Forever €20 are fantastic. The travel-friendly design fits multiple brushes and fits neatly into your bag. The inside is lined with a thick, protective plastic that can be wiped clean, but it will also bend to make the pouch become like a stand along pot.

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