5 beauty items I never leave home without

We've all been there, out and about for the day when we suddenly need a certain beauty item only to realise we have left it at home.

After it happening to me once too often, I now don't leave home without a few key beauty essentials.

Here are my go-to items that can get me through any beauty emergency that could pop up.


Lipstick or gloss will work too but I prefer pink tinted Vaseline for everyday use. It moisturises your lips an has enough colour to give you a healthy look but is subtle enough to go with every outfit.

Compact powder

It is such a pain when you're out for a day of shopping and you notice a shine on your forehead, I like to keep a translucent compact powder in my bag to keep this at bay. Blotting papers also work well for this but I like the finish that compact powder gives.



No matter how busy your life generally is, we'll have times when we are super busy or stressed (or both) and loose sleep or have to get up super early. I like to keep some concealer in my bag for these times, sometimes I think I loo grand leaving the house but by lunch I look like a zombie, some well-placed concealer can brighten your face in an instant.


Why do dressing rooms and public bathrooms always have the best lighting? It's inevitable that when you look at yourself in a mirror that is not your own you will notice a stray hair or two, so keeping a tweezers handy is always a good idea because you know you won't be able to find it again when you get home.



This kind of goes without saying, deodorant, perfume or body spray is always handy to have on you for busy days when you need a quick freshen up!

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