Here are three healthy beauty alternatives you need to try

We love healthy beauty alternatives to the conventional beauty products that we know and love and use every day. Here are three for you to try.

As consumers, we are becoming more aware of what we are consuming through our beauty regimens all the time. It's a great thing and it means we question the ingredients we use on our skin every day. There are so many alternatives to conventional beauty products that are better for us in one way or another. Here are three easy-to-switch-to beauty alternatives you can easily try out.

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Nail powder dipping

Nail powder dipping is becoming popular as an alternative to acrylics and gel nails. If you've ever had a two week manicure or gel nails or acrylics you will be familiar with the aftermath. Your nails can be extremely damaged after having those long-wearing products on them. Your nails can't breathe.  They become brittle and dried out and they peel. So much so that when you have it removed your nails will feel sensitive and extremely weak. Nail powder dipping is a great alternative if you hate the aftermath of long-wearing nails. The powder contains added vitamins and calcium. While it does contain some of the acrylates that is one of the main ingredients in acrylic powders, the powders are much finer than acrylics. The finished result feels lighter on your nails than other long-wearing nail products. They are less damaging to the nail and what's more there is no need to cure them under a lamp.

Mineral foundation


Mineral foundation is a makeup base made with earth minerals such as zinc oxide, mica, titanium dioxide and iron. They are a healthier alternative to traditional foundations that we've used for years. There are often ingredients in foundations that clog your pores or dry out your skin. Mineral foundations won't take moisture from your skin and they are non-comodegenic.

Natural brush cleaner

Natural brush cleanser might come in spray form or like a solid soap. We love the solid cleansing soaps. They allow you to wash your brushes but without chemicals that dry out bristles and cause them to become spiky and lose their softness.

Is it important to you to use healthy alternatives in your makeup and skincare routines?

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