A CC Cream For Hair!? It's Less Weird Than It Sounds!

I've found it. It's taken years of wasted effort, loads of wasted money and so many crappy purchases, but I've finally found it. If you're blonde, or grey, chances are you've been on the same pain-in-the-ass journey to find a product that will keep that horrid orange brassiness the hell out of your 'do. Your search is now over. You're welcome.

I have probably tried every purple shampoo and at-home toning product out there, and nothing quite did the job for my resistant head of hair. My naturally (vastly boring) mousey brown hair just tends to go sort of warm and hay-coloured a couple of weeks after colouring, and it stays that way until a stylist puts a professional toner on it again.


L'Oréal Professional Série Expert Color Corrector Blondes (try saying that all in one breath) is literally a CC Cream for hair. It's not a shampoo - as these sorts of products often are, or even a conditioner. Pop this into towel-dried hair after shampooing, and leave for ten minutes (or longer, if you have very resistant hair like mine), then just rinse it out.

This is far stronger than a shampoo, so most people will only need to use it once per week. If you're like me, you might need to use it twice weekly. I'm genuinely impressed by this. Having experience with the potential of these sorts of products to destroy your shower, I showered and washed my hair as normal, then put this into my hair when I got out.



It looks scary. It's more blue than purple, and rather thick - so when you put it into the hair, you have blue hair. Don't be alarmed, though. It rinses out really well and takes the blueness with it! After ten minutes, I rinsed my hair out at the sink, saving myself from weeks of purple grouting. Two things surprised me - the first was that it actually worked, and not just in patches. The tone of my hair was cooler and ashier overall - all the yellowness was gone from it. The second was how soft my hair felt! It generally fuzzes up as it dries, but it dried into an unrecognisable silkiness all by itself.

I had assumed that this product would be horrifyingly pricey because it's so damn good, and was super impressed to discover that it costs €14.99. That's not cheap, but anyone who revisits salons for toners a lot knows that it's far cheaper than visiting a professional, and you don't need to use it more than twice weekly. I can't recommend this enough. I also can't recommend using a dark towel enough - this stuff will tone more than just your hair.

Since it is a L'Oréal Professional Product, it's only available online or from L'Oréal Professional salons (you can find the nearest one to you here www.lorealprofessionnel.co.uk). 

Are you plagued by yellowness in your grey or blonde hair? What do you find works for you? To the comments! 


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