AMC Eyeliner Gel from Inglot: Not Half Bad

Inglot eye liners

Here's the second part of the bits I liked from the Inglot haul 'o goodies we were sent recently, and it's a product close to my heart: eye liner. Close to my eye if it comes to it too, wha?

I didn't rate this product at all when I first tried it. The texture is a lot looser and more liquid than I'm used to from a gel liner (Bobbi Brown's being my ultimate Holy Grail product) and I was having uncomfortable reminiscences of Smashbox's liners, which are quite frankly not worth the money.  Anyway, it turns out that Inglot's offerings are a damn sight better than the 'box's, so all is well.

You need a bit of patience though: because the texture is light, layering is required. I tried shade 83, a deep navy with a hint of purple, so a perfect shade for me, and one I'd have picked myself. One coat wasn't enough to pass muster but it dried quickly and I added another. Perfect.


A bit more time consuming than I'd like, but the Shu Uemura painting liner-alike shade choice (20 in all), the price (€12), plus the generous pot size make these a good buy. I also reckon that it'll age well too, as a bit of drying-out time would make it even easier to use.

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