Ape The Lilac Nails Trend: Barry M Berry Ice Cream

Illamasqua  and Barry M

Using my magical intuition that you lot would love Illamasqua's Jo'mina shade used in yesterday's accent nail post (eh, basically I worked on the assumption that cos I liked it, you all would too - usually works, but not in the case of Fakeattoos), I've been keeping my beady eye out for a suitable dupe at a more pocket-friendly price.

Wandering around Liffey Valley on Sunday, I found it in the form of Barry M's Berry Ice Cream. Not a bad substitute, eh? It's definitely more on the pink side of lilac and no way is it a 100% match, but it's very pretty on the nails, not to mention being a lot cheaper at about €4.50 compared to €15 for Jo'mina.

And as Boots are doing two for €8 on the good man Barry's polishes at the moment, I picked myself up a pastel blue too - sure it'd have been rude not to, wha?


on the nails

Illamasqua on the left; Barry M on the right.

Waddya reckon? A worthy dupe or a shade too far out to be suitable as a realistic fake?

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