Tried & Tested: Brow Kits That Cost Less Than Lunch

I have no eyebrows. Well I do, technically, but you can't see them. I have them threaded regularly, but they require some scribbling. I've tried plenty of brow pencils and kits but none have really done the job thus far. Plus, I don't like to overspend on products (except foundation though) so I went on the hunt for kits and such, that won't break the bank.

There are plenty of brands to choose from, it's figuring out which ones are the heroes.

My brows au natural! My brows au natural!

First up, I tried Rimmel's Brow This Way which is a compact little kit containing a wax and powder formula. As I am quite fair I used the medium shade to get the most natural look to my brows. It also comes with a small soft brush to blend and a double ended hard brush for application, so it's quite a handy little thing for your make up bag.

I started with the wax and drew on the shape to my brows before filling in. Then using the other end of the hard brush you can apply the powder to set the wax. The formula goes on very well, but it does take some blending so that the pigment doesn't look too false. I actually think in hindsight, I should have used a bit of the darker colour too. Anyhoo, this one is very good value considering the contents, and does the trick rather well.

brows rimmel Rimmel Brow This Way

Next was the Barry M Brow Kit Shape & Define which I actually picked up at the airport (€8.99). Similar to Rimmel, it comes with a gel based product, a powder, as well as a highlighter. There is also a double-edged brush, and even a mini tweezers which really impressed me.

The product goes on well, but really stands out after you apply the powder to set the brow. It's a great compact product, but after a full day of not reapplying it, it really did disappear. So in terms of kits, Rimmel wins out here.

Left Brow, Barry M; Right Brow, Bourjois Left Brow, Barry M; Right Brow, Bourjois

For a pencil, for all eye brow pencil lovers, I opted for Bourjois Crayon Sourcil (€6.99). As pencils go, it's very soft and creates a pigment that build up well as you fill in your brows. It doesn't need much blending, you just need to apply it softly. I chose Blond Foncé (No.4) as I am quite fair but it does come in a range of colours to suit the shade of your brow hairs. This one lasted much longer, and I really liked the definition from the pencil. (I need thank the very amazing Nadia El Ferdaoussi for applying these on my brows in the air on route to London!)


But honestly, if I had to chooose, Rimmel wins out without contention. It stays put and when put through the rigmarole of a stressful and sweaty day, it stayed firmly in place.

Have you got a favourite brow product? Or have you tried any of the ones above? Let us know what you thought!

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