Are you doing this simple hair trick that makes all the difference?

I have just had my third blow-dry of the week, so obviously, now I'm an expert in all things hair.

It was really interesting to see the three different stylists do their thing. Each had a different style, from what questions they asked, to the utensils they used; how long they took, and what products they recommend. Funnily enough, two of the three (the two who washed my hair as well as dried it) took care to ask about the condition of my hair, how it generally behaves, what products I use and how I wash it.

And both of them recommended one key element to your hair washing routine: wash it twice.

It makes sense really: the first wash, which you don't really need to work up to a lather, removes dirt and product; the second cleanses it. For the second wash, do lather it all up and rinse it all out before using conditioner. After washing out all of the conditioner - and this is actually also an important step - use cool water to close cuticles and smooth the hair.


I've been washing my hair this way for the past month or so and the difference it has made has been noticeable. Not only is it shinier and healthier looking, but I can also go longer without washing it.

Do you lather, rinse, repeat? Can you bare a blast of cold water at the end of your hair washing regime?

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