How to make your salon blow-dry last

Is there anything better than a salon blow dry? The joy of somebody else washing, brushing and drying your hair. Not to mention the luscious locks you will sport for the guts of a week.

We all dread when the time comes to wash your own hair again. Blow drying your own hair is just never the same.

But is there a way to help make your salon blow-dry last just that little bit longer?


Here are some tips-

Don’t touch

As silky and luscious as your hair feels don’t touch it. We know how tempting it is to run your hands through freshly blow-dried hair but you have dirt and oils on your hands and by rubbing your hair you are passing it on.

Sleep on silk


Sleeping on silk is said to do wonders for your skin and the prevention of wrinkles but did you know it is actually a great hack for silky smooth hair? Sleeping on a silk pillow case keeps you hair from tangling and frizzing as you move during the night.

Take a conscious shower

When it comes to helping your blow dry last how you take your daily showers really make a difference. A shower cap is a must to protect your hair. Have a faster and cooler shower will also help the longevity of your blow dry as the less humidity the less likely your hair is to frizz.

Dry shampoo

If you really want a blow dry to last you will need to invest in some dry shampoo. It will get rid of the initial greasiness and give your hair some volume again to last you at least another day or two.

Hun Bun 

Another great tip is to pop your hair into a bun while you sleep. Use a scrunchie so it doesn’t leave a mark and you are sure to wake up with hair that looks as fresh as it did 8 hours ago!





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