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This week’s question to our Beauty Editor is all about hair condition.

Sheesha asks:

"Hi Aisling,
My hair is usually normal to dry and I can manage it fine with some good shampoo and conditioners/occasional hair masks (I particularly like Kerastase). But in the winter, it’s so dry that none of my old reliables are up to the job. I’m afraid it’ll be used as kindling one of these days it’s so dry…
Is there anything you’d recommend to get it back soft and shiny?


Hi Sheesha,

Don't panic or do anything irrational like selling your hair for kindling, the situation is easily resolved. During winter, our hair gets a lot drier from the harsh elements. Also, your hair can get used to a product and it becomes slightly less effective, so if you have found two different products that you like and that work for you, stay with them and switch them up occasionally.


Alternatively, there are some really lovely products out there that you may not have heard of. I try to stick mostly to natural hair care products.  One of my favourites is Kevin.Murphy. He does an amazing range of products all made with natural ingredients using methods that do not harm the environment. They are actually one of the only products on the market that are on PETA 'Cruelty-Free' recommended list.


kevin murphy young again

It sounds to me like the problem may lie in the application process.  The conditioner or treatment isn't being absorbed into your hair. Believe it or not, your hair is actually very like your skin, in that it will only absorb moisture when it is warm. Heat will open the hair cuticle as it does with skin. So for your treatment or conditioner to be effective, it needs to be warm.


  • There are a few ways of doing this;

First is to heat your conditioner or treatment up in the microwave for a minute before you apply it.

The second is to step out of the shower when you have applied your conditioner or treatment, wrap a towel around yourself, and blast dry your hair with the dryer.

The third is to apply conditioner or treatment to your hair wrap it in cling film, and then put a damp towel in the microwave for two minutes and wrap it around your head.

It's important to rinse the hair with cool water after you have rinsed out the conditioner/ treatment. This will close the hair cuticle, enabling it to hold all the conditioner inside the hair shaft and so leave it smoother, softer and most definitely not mistaken for kindling.


That should do that trick, let me know how you get on.

Do any of you have a secret rescue hair remedy passed down to you through generations? Or are you having the same winter dryness dilemma?

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