Ask Beaut: Short and long term solutions to very fine or thinning hair

It's so sunny today that I could almost call in sick and take a personal health day (so I can lay outside like a starfish and work on my photosynthesising ways) but if I did that I couldn't answer all your beauty dilemmas, concerns or woes and then what kind of a Beauty Editor would I be?

This week's question comes from Laura and it's all about extremely fine hair.


Laura asks: 

Hi Aisling, 

My hair is extremely fine and wispy, and it looks like its getting to a stage where you can start to see the scalp through my hair. I'm only in my early 30's and I'm so conscious of it. With the current influx of weddings in my calendar, I'm really conscious of it. What can I do?


Hi Laura,

I'm really sorry to hear that, I can only imagine what you must be going through. Hair is such an important feature to many of us, and having it look good really can affect our confidence.

But there are many things that you can do and I'm going to suggest solutions for both the short and long term.

Long term, I'd recommend starting to using Nioxin which is a great product to help extremely fine or thinning hair. I've seen to give great results of fuller looking hair to people who were in your situation.





For your upcoming weddings, the best thing to do is to buy yourself a set of clip in extensions. You need to make sure they are natural hair and you will only need a half head as a full head will be too heavy for you at the moment and you don't want to damage the hair that is there.





Then you will need L'Oréal root touch up or something similar.



And also a back combing brush/comb and hair spray.

First, curl your hair using a ghd or wand; curly hair will give the appearance of more volume. Next divide your hair in a half pony from ear to ear. Tie up the upper half to keep it out of your way. With your back combing comb start from half way down the hair and back comb right up to the rout. Basically you want to give your extensions something to grip onto. Spray it when you have created a spongy like backcombed area, and clip in your extensions.

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With the upper part of your hair your going to back comb also to give it the appearance of more volume and height.

Understandably there isn't a huge amount there, but that's where the root touch up comes in. Shake it well, and use it to spray on your hair and scalp. It will reduce the appearance of the scalp and make your hair look fuller.

Hope that helps and that you will have more confidence going to your next few weddings.

Let me know how you get on,

Ais x



Have you ever suffered with fine or thinning hair? What solutions did you find worked best both short and long term?

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