Ask your beauty question here!

So we've been having a little look at our top search queries and it turns out that lots of you are searching for stuff we've covered - and we hope you're finding it.

But just in case you're not remember the old adage "no question is a stupid question" and ask away!  Things like

  • should I wear concealer over foundation or is it the other way round
  • how do I know if I've pink toned or yellow toned skin
  • what's the best red lipstick for redheads
  • how do I calm down my rosy cheeks
  • where should I put blusher
  • how old should I be to start using eyecream

are examples of the things that are searched for.  So give it a try!  We'll be going through your comments and the searches and we'll answer everything we possibly can!  Some of them we can do as soon as - but if any of you already know the answer jump in too!


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