Ask the Expert: What is the best hair style for a round face shape?

Celebrity hair stylist Eddie Doyle returns to Beaut to give his expert advice on choosing the best hair cut if you have a round face.

The trick with round face shapes is, you want to conceal the areas that broaden your face shape or narrow them to a point. If you have longer hair, the correct layered styles are a good option for you, but it’s how you wear the style after that that matters. Tucking all your hair behind the ears or tieing it back all of the time will accentuate the fullness of your face.

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By all means, tuck some of the hair behind the ears but I recommend leaving slices out; again, this will soften face shape and will take the emphasis away from the wider areas of the cheeks. Long fringes work well alongside these slices you’ve left out, again breaking up the roundness of your profile, slimming it down.

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If you have very short hair, consider lengthening the fringe, and also letting some length return to the hairline if the nape of the neck is very tapered (short). Certain looks that have full heavy solid fringes are, to me, not the right look to go for as they frame the face while projecting your features and creating an almost horizontal oblong shape to your look. It’s all in the cut…

Choose your stylist carefully. Bring in photos of styles you like; this is the best way to tell us what you like. If your stylist knows their stuff, they can create what you want or in some cases advise against.

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