AW09/10 Stars: In The Navy With Clarins Mono Couleur in Midnight Blue

midnight blue

"Not another green eyeshadow," said Keila on Monday's Bobbi Brown post, and she's got a point. I LOVE green eyeshadow. I even write about it Quite A Bit. In fact, I love ALL eyeshadow, unless it's mauve and then I don't.


I am also loving anything deep and dark recently. Navys are catching my attention; dark sparkly greys are ticking my boxes (ooer) and in general, I've moved away from my daily liner habit and am really back into shadow on a very regular basis.


Clarins' autumn collection threw up that boyo above, Mono Couleur in Midnight Blue, €18.08. I, eh, sort of forgot all about it and it wasn't until Aphrodite and I were in Brown Thomas last friday that I swatched it and realised how very nice indeed it is.

Clarins' shadows have come a hell of a long way. This pic doesn't do it justice, but it's very deep and dark with lots of shimmer and feels silky-smooth.  It's also rammed with pigment. I lashed it on on saturday night, accessorising with Coralista and a shocking orange Sisley lipstick.

Very pleased altogether I was with myself, and will be rocking this look again. Oh yes.

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