Hair Raising: Time Before Conditioner

It was a time that has been largely wiped from the memories of man and woman kind.

Glam rockers stalked the charts and Rupert Bear scarves teamed with glittery platforms reigned supreme. Everyone had long frizzy hair. Then they had mullets. But we won't digress into a history of late 20th century hair, it's too distressing.

All of this was in a time ... Before Conditioner. Or BC..

It hurts to talk about it, to bring it back to living memory - but goddamnit - it's the only way for us to heal, people!

The level of frizz acceptable to society then was, to say the very least, unacceptable. Or a Supernanny might say, unaseptable. Something you would most definitely be sitting on the naughty step for a long time for. People thought mad frizzy hair was lovely - not realising it merely signified uncared for, dried out, unhealthy locks.


Now thank the lord we have a plethora of aids to prevent such travesties. Whether you're curly or straight, glossy, cared for locks are what's in vogue. If you've got a bit of the old frizz problem (and I speak from experience here) this would be my guide to smoothing it all out.

  • Start from within. No really! Up your omega 3 intake - consider evening primrose and fish oil supplements.
  • Don't underestimate your shampoo. A good quality shampoo really really makes a difference. I didn't realise how true this was until I ran out of my usual Kerastase and had to use my husbands manly brand. Frizz alert!!
  • CONDITIONER. Of course using a great conditioner after every wash is your strongest line of defense. And do a hair masque or intensive treatment twice a week until you see your hair improve.
  • Stay away from the straighteners! They'll fry your hair into a straw like state soooo quickly. Ditto too much high heat blow drying
  • Use a serum or smoothing balm (John Frieda and Toni & Guy have the best ones).

You can still see relics from the past walking around, oblivious, with their BC hair. It saddens me deeply. After all, here in the bright light of the 21st Century, there's no need.

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