Police: New Packaging But Smaller Amount - Report a Sighting Here!

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Recently Anna emailed us about a case of repackaged product, smaller amount, same price.  It's a common theme in the beauty biz, especially with higher end products, where a posh product goes off for a reformulation and comes back looking like it's been to Weight Watchers.

A famous example is the ruckus Mac caused when it repackaged its Pigments into a smaller container but neglected to mark down the price to match, and shampoo brands often try the trick too, slimming 250mls down to 200mls following a bottle be-jazzling.  Anna's spot was to do with a body cream and hers is a little different in that the product under question has been discontinued and replaced by a new version. Here's what she told us:

"I couldn't find a thread on the site relating to this but wonder can you raise it at some stage. In short I used Nuxe Tonific Minceur for the last few months (200ml for about €25/€27) to keep the dreaded cellulite at bay! It was time for a new bottle so popped into the chemist. It now seems to have been discontinued and replaced by Nuxe Body Serum (150ml at €27). I think it's time for watching out when brands replace old products - it's not just the names that get changed!"


In Nuxe's defense, the Body Serum is an improved and more advanced version of Tonific Minceur so this isn't a 100% straight case of repackage and reduce, though of course it's disappointing to now pay the same for 50ml less of what is essentially the replacement for what you were already using.

So ladies, as Anna requested, lets discuss. Have any of you eagle eyed product spotters seen any of this yourselves? Leave us a comment if a favourite product has suddenly gone Size Zero and yet funnily enough, is still costing your card the same amount.

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