The easy way to hide roots and brassy highlights

Beauty hack time! We've discovered the easy way to hide roots, deal with dodgy highlights and more thanks to a classic beauty product.

Beauty hacks are the simple tricks and tips that make life a little easier. From clever ways to brighten eyes, find your perfect brow shape or de-clump nail varnish, we love them. And the best part is, hacks are usually nice and simple as well as cost effective. For example, did you know that whitening toothpaste (used on a dry cotton pad) is a great way to get rid of stubborn fake tan marks?

Today's beauty hack is all about hair. More specifically, dealing with niggly little issues such as roots or a dodgy dye job. Admittedly, they aren't exactly life-threatening problems, but a bad hair day is never fun. So, if there's a way to turn it into a good hair day, why not?


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The Problem

Roots - Roots are something that all of us have had to deal with at some point or another. Unless you're one of the luck few who has never dyed their hair (or had to combat greys), in which case...  we're a bit jealous. For those of your who know what it's like to count down the days until your next salon appointment though, you'll know what we're talking about.


Brassy highlights - Remember in the noughties when big, thick chunk highlights were on trend? Think Xtina era. These days most of us are opting for a softer, more natural finish. But that doesn't mean that sometimes it can't go a little awry. Maybe your normal stylist wasn't available, or it was a home kit that went bananas on you. Either way, when you're looking half highlighter, half human it isn't great.

The Solution

Wear a hat.


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Bad hair day. I just through on a hat and walked out the door. Como below if you ever have those days. #badhairday #messyhair

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Just kidding! The easy beauty hack for hiding both roots and dealing with dodgy highlights is to use a coloured dry shampoo on them. Simply spray it on the roots and it will help conceal and soften to create an over all, natural effect. If you're worried that dry shampoo might be a little messy, you can also use a bit of eyeshadow, applied to the root with a large eyeshadow brush.


Would you try this hack? Or will you be sticking to the hat?

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