Behold, the best and worst dressed from Met Gala

Ah, The Met Gala. It's that delightful time of year again when we get to sit back and relax as the world's most famous faces grapple with a themed dress code. This time around it was "Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" which to the likes of Taylor Swift and Kirsten Stewart simply meant 'futuristic' which of course meant 'silver'. Yawn.

Across the board, it was a medley of metallics, sequins and reflective shiny things that more so resembled a futuristic scene from a Star Wars movie as opposed to reflecting the actual reality of our digital age. Nevertheless, though there was scarce a celebrity to really nail the theme as far as we're concerned, there were still some stand out show-stoppers and you can check them all out in our gallery below.

Kendall Jenner posed beside Cindy Crawford, both of whom instantly made us regret a bank holiday weekend filled with deep fried indulgence.



Props to Selena Gomez for striking out, away from tin foil and adding an androgynous vibe to further separate the Selena we know now from the former Disney starlet. Also, her make-up is on point.



Kerry Washington always looks incredible but for this occasion we're assuming she didn't get the 'tech' memo but instead was inspired to dress like a sexy vampire.


Nicole Kidman paid homage to the galaxy with a moon and stars inspired gúna.

Some sartorial commentators may have found this a bit jarring but we kind of loved Demi Lovato's brave ensemble.

As for those who really rocked the theme, fair dues to Kate Hudson, Emma Watson and Solange Knowles.



Finally, it seems Brie Larson is finding her red carpet swag. There have been a fair few misses but this, we think you'll agree, is a Met Gala hit.

In terms of taking the biscuit for having the most fun with a dress up theme and never playing it safe, we've got to give it to Katy Perry.




Now, fetch us a saucer.

And Madonna channelled Madonna.



Introducing Emma Xena Stone; Princess Warrior.

Kim, we expected so much more from you, given that the rest of your sisterhood wore similar versions of the same spangly dress. And Kanye, oh Kanye. He's one part Wesley Snipes from Blade, one part Liberace and one part farmer (and maybe just a little bit Michael Flatley too; the boots!).



Nicki Minaj and Jeremy Scott were obviously told the theme was skeletons and bondage.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would probably have landed themselves on our maybe pile if it were not for the fact that they always look like moody, strop-throwing teenagers who'd rather be anywhere but here. Are celebrities incapable of cracking a smile in 2016?



We didn't love Blake Lively's number either; sorry. It looks like a set of curtains from a honeymoon suite. Elsewhere Katie Holmes seems to be channeling Wednesday Adams (why do celebrities here technology and instantly assume dark and gothic?) while Lorde decided to rock up like a miserable bride, jilted at the altar. Cheer up, love.



If we were to hand out a best dressed award, however, for something that both fits the theme and would inspire a high street recreation, it's a tie between Zendaya and Zoe Saldana, who stole the thunder/lemonade right out of Queen Bey's hands.




Tell us your picks from our gallery below.

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