Blondes are going to dye for this autumn's gorgeous hair trend

And there was I thinking that the rose gold shade had had its Micheal Kors watch day. Nopes, it's just migrated from wrists to heads.

Colouredy hair is In at the mo (I blame the Hunger Games and the people of The Capitol), and while I've never had even the spark of an inclination to go pink or green or yellow yellow, rose gold is oh, so very pretty, and so very flattering. It's also going to be THE colour of the season, which is great news for blondes who want to try something a bit different.

Take it from Emma Roberts:

This before and after Insta post shows just how flattering and soft and current it can be:


And it will work perfectly for autumn's colour palette, adding a bit of brightness to a rust, brown and, let's face it, grey palette.

While it's being heralded as the next big hair trend for blondes, brunettes can totally pull it off, too. 

Feeling those #rosegold hues ? It's so nice to finally have a change up!

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Sienna Miller sported the hue back in 2013, and we first spoke about it back in spring, but this is a trend that's going to come into its prime this season.


Do you agree that rose gold is the prettiest out-there hair hue? Might you give it a try this autumn?

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