Blowdrying Hair Is Boring As Hell: Here's How I Do It - What About You?

Is it possible that there's a beauty task more boring than blowdrying your hair? The blowdry is something I hate spending time on. I'm massively jealous of people who can let their hair dry naturally - when I try it I end up with a frizzy ball of hair that's straight in some places and wavy in others and generally looks like I was dragged through a hedge backwards.


The invention of hair straighteners brought me some reprieve, but for my hair to look as good as I want it to, I still need to put the effort in with the blowdry first. So over the years I've perfected my technique and come across some time-saving tips that have cut the torture time down to the minimum.

  • The secret to a good blowdry actually starts while you're still in the shower, when you rinse your hair. Do that final rinse with cool water and the difference in your hair when you dry it will amaze you. The cold water flattens the hair cuticle, so your hair will look much smoother and more shiny
  • Next let a towel do the hard part of removing all that water from your hair. I like to wrap my hair in a turban while I do various other beauty tasks like cleansing and moisturising and applying body lotion.  If you want to go straight to styling your hair, use the towel to gently squeeze out as much moisture as you can first.  This cuts down on blowdrying time and also makes sure your hair isn't so wet that it's diluting any styling products you apply to it
  • Before you start drying, take a look at your tools; is your hairbrush full of loose hair? Loose hair  blocks the ceramic core of a round brush and completely cancels out any of the smoothing benefits it should provide. One good cleaning (and a frankly disgusting hairball later) and I found my brush worked much more quickly to dry my hair and leave it smooth and straight
  • My last tip is temperature related again. Once your hair is dry and you're happy with the style, switch your dryer to cool and blast your hair until it no longers feels hot. Now sit back and marvel as your hair actually stays looking sleek and smooth, rather than reverting to a wavy mass of frizz as it cools down naturally

Do you have any blowdrying tips to add? If so, let us know in the comments!

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