Bridging the Gap: Stretching Out Salon Colour Visits With Revlonissimo Colour System

revlon pro revlonissimo

By my reckoning, if you've found a good colourist, then you should stick with them: mixing colour well is an alchemical skill and not everyone is proficient. It takes artistry to understand how to combine products to achieve a head of radiant, blended shades that enhances AND looks natural - and that's worth paying for,  if you ask me.

So, if you've got such a wunderkind at your local salon, don't stop going to them: instead get smart and stretch out the visits a bit. Lets face it - salon colour is expensive, and then some, but you might not want to go down the DIY route, and that's understandable. You can use all manner of colour-care shampoos and conditioners to help keep your shade looking good but I've just found something else that sounds really promising - and it's also promisingly cheap!

The Revlonissimo Colour System was designed by Revlon Professional to help to extend the life of colour for up to a month, thanks to a three-step process of Revlonissimo Colour NMT, a crème-gel to brighten your shade; a mild colour protection shampoo called Colour System Shampoo, plus a Colour System Serum that smooths the hairs’ cuticles to preserve the pigments inside the strands. Ooh, fancy!


And the price? A mere €15.99. Want to buy? There are 500 Revlon salons nationwide, call 01 01 886 9300 for one in your area.

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