Brunettes Get Luminous

system professionalBeing a brunette as dark as I am is kinda boring. I have no lowlights, let alone highlights in my hair, and am constantly being asked if I dye it. Well, I don't - I just have really, really dark brown hair that I can do very little with. As a result, I'm not really all that mad about it and it definitely doesn't get the love and attention Aphrodite lavishes onto her gruaig.

But recently that changed. I discovered Wella System Professional products. You lot can bang on about yer Kerastase this and yer Kerastase that - for me, it's Wella all the way these days. These salon products suit my hair down to the ground, and in particular I am loving the Luminous Mask, a mask for darker hair that gives a high shine finish.

When you put it on (and it's satisfyingly thick and gloopy), you can see shimmery particles in it. Yay! Once it's rinsed out and hair is dry, it's bright and shiny, and looks only deadly altogether.


Buy from salons, and it's in the €20ish range.

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