Burning Beaut.ie Questions: What Should we Call the Crab?

Who could have anticipated the flurry of interest brought about by the crab's return from retirement? In truth, there are three things this international crustacean of mystery cares about, and they are sun, sea and seeing into the contents of your makeup bags, so we're glad to welcome him back to Beaut.ie.

But a bit like Withnail and I (ok, NOTHING like Withnail and I), we've never had a name for the crab, as the main protagonist and star of his own Beaut.ie category. And it seems you lot want to give him a moniker, the better to know him and his side-scuttling ways.

Here are your choices, and in democratic fashion, you get to decide what he's called. Oh, as long as it's Mick Huckhall, that is. Just sayin'!


Vote here!

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