POLL: Do You Apply Foundation or Eye Makeup First?

I was watching Vinnie B and his tremendous Twitter machine during the week and there he was, himself and his grand head of hair having a people's debate. And I thought to myself, when I grow up I want to BE him. So I had better get cracking on my chairing-a-debate skills and increasing the volume of my hair.

Now, my candy floss-coated noggin might be a lost cause so I'll get started on the other.

Yes, today I bring you a burning question about the sequence of your makeup application - are you a foundation or eye makeup first kinda lady?

foundation on a white background

See, I have recently become obsessed with IsaDora's Mesmerising Eyeshadow Palette (you can read all about that little fella here) but glittergate is now a thing in the office.

Because these shadows are infused with a healthy dose of sparkle and because I have quite a heavy application hand at 7am in the morning, I have been known to channel more of a David Bowie vibe than a Doutzen Kroes one as I leave the house. So now I am converted to being a foundation-after-eyeball decoration aficionado.


Unless I actually want to channel the Space Oddity himself.


So tell me, are you an eye makeup or foundation first maker-upper? And how do you remove the dreaded shiny fall down?


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