Poll: Airport Shopping: Love/Hate?

No one go booking me into a facility for a "rest" now.  I'm trusting you when I tell you that there is something about airport shopping that makes me go a little bit bonkers.

I buy things in the airport that I would NEVER set out to buy in an ordinary land siopa.  It's actually embarrassing how much crap I can buy in under an hour and it's definitely a chemical reaction to the feeling of freedom that being in the airport engenders.  You're escaping, you're almost free, and if you're going on holiday you've already spent a shedload of money, so what harm does a little bit more do?


There are so many lovely, pretty, sparkly things, all glittering under the lights.  The smell of perfume scents the air, the goodies are cheaper than they would be normally (by at least 15 - 20%) and it would be nothing less than stupid to let that watch... that pair of sunglasses... that bottle of perfume idle on the shelves, when I could be loving it and appreciating its ways.

I am only saved by the fact that I'm often too late to browse around and have to hurry to the departure gate without buying anything.  Which is SHOCKING and drives me to distraction.  Even if it's just a giant Toblerone (the airport's biggest seller if you can believe it), I have to buy something.  Anything.



What have you bought in the airport shops?  Do you restrain yourself and buy from a list of products that you actually need (replacing your foundation or mascara for example) or do you go on splurges?

Or do you walk by the shops and head straight for the plane? (most of us do, according to stats from The Loop).

And what have been your best/worst purchases to date? To the comments and tell all!


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