Can a brow shape and tint improve your mood?

After a bad week, this writer went to Elysian Brows & Beauty for a brow shape and tint. And the result was more than physical.

I got overexcited in the sun a couple of weeks ago and lost my very expensive phone in a pub. So far, so who cares? It happens all the time! Yes, but it doesn't happen to me. I don't lose things. And I don't backup things, so I lost thousands of photos including some of my own wedding. So, I was feeling particularly sorry for myself when I went to Elysian Brows & Beauty for a much-needed brow shape and tint.

It had been a year and a half since my last brow job. Brow artiste extraordinaire, our own Beauty Editor Aisling had been keeping them up to Instagram standards until then and then... I let myself go like all wives do after the wedding. Ha! Really, though, brows just weren't as high a priority anymore. But it wasn't until Elysian Brows & Beauty offered to tidy them up for me that I realised just how good good brows make you feel.


mir brow before

My brows are very sparse, light and just a bit fuzzy. The shape isn't awful, thanks to Aisling's work over the years, but they were just a bit out of shape, like when someone isn't overweight, but they haven't exercised for a while.

I hadn't ever been to Elysian before, but I had heard of its reputation. Located on South William Street and in the seaside town of Greystones, Co. Wicklow, it was founded in 2009 by Libby Murray who trained in London and also with the renowned Anastasia Beverly Hills. Maria, though, was my lovely brow artist when I popped in for my brow shape and tint.


Like with all clients, she asked what type of brow I wanted (thickness, shade) and she measured my brows to decide where to start and show me the arch. The technique she used was threading - which I find quite painful - but she was gentle and didn't laugh when I started to cry. My hairs apparently take dye quite well (tell that to the whites on my head), so they were darkened in no time.


The end effect wasn't crazy dramatic, but it made a big difference to me. They now have a better outline to fill in when the dye fades out (it's been three weeks, and they are still not too light) but on the day and for days after, my mood was instantly better.

It's true what they say; brows make a huge difference. When you can a pair of groomed brows, you immediately look more polished. Add in a nice manicure and some lashes (Aisling tried LVL Lashes recently, and they are next on my beauty itinerary), and you are ready for an upgrade to First Class without even wearing a suit.

Elysian Brows & Beauty deserves its reputation. It's comfortable, the staff or lovely and they make people feel 100% better about themselves when the treatment is done.


Find Elysian Brows on South William Street and Greystones, and check out their vast array of treatments on their website.

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