Can you tan through fake tan?

Recently people are tending to lean more towards faking it when it comes to tanning. Many opting to spray tan before going on a holiday.

It can be daunting walking out in a bikini on the first day of a holiday, which is why many women feel more confident to have a spray tan.

Because fake tan can give a stunning golden appearance to the skin it can easily give you a false sense of security when it comes to tanning.

Leaving many of us wondering can you tan through it? Will it protect you from the sun’s rays?

Can you tan through it?

The answer is absolutely yes. Fake tan does not provide any sort of barrier on the skin. It does not contain SPF nor does it block out any of the sun’s harmful rays.


Do you still need SPF?

Again, 100% yes. SPF 30 should always be worn, if you are in the sun reapplication is key.

Can I get sunburnt with a fake tan?

Contrary to what some may think you can sunburn through fake tan. You are actually at quite a high risk of severe sunburn when you are wearing fake tan as the fake tan can mask the appearance of sunburn until later in the day when the damage has already been done. Sometimes severely.

Will it go streaky in the pool?

Don’t get into the water while your tan is still developing. Once you have showered the guide colour off, you are good to go. Chlorine can contribute to your tan fading so if you love to swim maybe bring a gradual tanner with you too.


How to get the most out of my fake tan on holidays?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink buckets of water and lather on the after sun or moisturizer. Hydrated skin is happy skin. Simple as that.

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